1 December 2014

Elle Confidence Issue stars Kim Kardashian West

Kim K West covers Elle magazine’s  “Confidence Issue,” shot by Jean Baptiste Mondino, in a striped crop top and hot pants in the black and white image and posed as though about to eat the cupcake as she gazes at the icing on her fingers. So, you ask, why is Kim on the cover of the “Confidence Issue?” 

 Photographed by Jean Baptiste Mondino
sourced from Elle
Well according to  Elle, “She has also, through her unerring self-belief, has redefined our perception of body beautiful.” and is "without doubt, one of the most influential women in the world."

Kim also talks about how hard she’s had to work to achieve her self-confidence,Kanye West,Kendall Jenner and the role her father played in making her who she is today. 

To celebrate Kim, Elle devoted three covers to her. The second and third continuing the monochrome theme. In the second cover below, Kimmy loses the cupcake and sports a white shirt and thick leather belt with very minimal makeup but still looks very very beautiful.

 This cover below is available on UK magazine retailers
 Photographed by Jean Baptiste Mondino
sourced from Elle 
And this cover is available to Elle subscribers.

Photographed by Jean Baptiste Mondino
sourced from Elle
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