7 December 2016

One Down Five More To Go

Hello!! I hope you have been well and are looking forward to some Funmas time. For a wannabe natural hair fashionista, I have been looking at ways of improving my natural hair growth and strength; having read and looked at many hair pills in the market, I decided to try these little yummy tasty bear pills and today, I am here to give you my one month review on my hair growth journey.  This past month and a half I am been loving these pills (no really pills cause they're way too yummy - I mean if all my medicine tastes like this I will willingly take my daily vitamins etc. with no fuss) I haven't really noticed a lot of change in my hair growth because I have only just finished one bottle, I have, however, realised my hair feels a lot softer (this maybe because I have been using shea butter on my hair lately. My hair looks healthier and less straw-like even in this horrible winter breeze. As well as taking the pills, I have also been drinking more water and drinking less sugary drinks which the people at Sugar Bear Hair also recommend - so I am currently doing all that i can for these cuties to work for my hair.
I have really struggled to growth and take care of my natural hair and wearing weave all the time doesn't really help with my hair thinning issue, and I have tried many serums, hair creams, treatments etc and it still hasn't improved. I really hope that with continual use  of these pills I will one day have my dream hair, with no thinning edges and maybe my hair will grow to my waist length so I won't have to spend monies on buying hair extensions. I haven't really seen much reviews of these pills for afro hair so let's see what wonders it will do for me.
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Have you tried these pills before and did they work for you?



  1. I struggle to grow my hair so I'm deffo gonna check these out.


  2. The little bears are so cute! I've not seen anything like that before.

  3. Never heard of these! They're cute too 😂😂

  4. I have seen hear everywhere! I need to try them out one day :)


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